NEW!!! Polychrome

26. November 2018
Gottfried David Gfrerer
Lili Records

All songs on ‘Polychrome’ were recorded live in the parlor of the inn and were written for and inspired by the dozen wooden-body Triolians – a legendary version of the single-cone resonator guitar manufactured by the Los Angeles, California company National for just two years at the end of the 1920s – that Gfrerer brought with him. Each of the 12 songs on the album features a different Triolian, which were built in either 1928 or 1929. The recordings were mixed by Eric Spitzer-Marlyn, Austrian guitar sound specialist and Grammy voting member, and mastered by Kevin Nix in Memphis, Tennessee. more

Im Titel „Polychrome“ spiegelt sich Gfrerers Musik wider: Ein genreuebergreifender Klangkosmos zwischen Americana wie Blues, Hokum, Ragtime, Hawaii, Swing, frühem Jazz und europäischen Einfluessen wie britisch – keltischen Folk, aber auch Klassik mit den Farben des Impressionismus und der Melancholie des Kaerntnerliedes.

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